Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 78!

Okay, today we will spend some time discussing the entries from November 14, 15, and 19th.

  • How does the driver try to bait Griffin? Why would he do this?
  • Griffin explains why these white men feel comfortable discussing sex openly with him as a black man, explain why. Explain how this further degrades the human life of black people in this time period. 
  • According to Griffin, what actually causes "social differences" summarize his explanation in your own words. 
Then, you will have time to read the next section: November 21- the end of November 28.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 73!

Good Tuesday morning!

I apologize that I cannot be in class with you this morning; I am sure you are all very disappointed that I am gone as well. :)

Today, I want you to start by finishing up the questions from yesterday's blog post. Once you have them finished, please share your answers with me.

After you have finished these questions; please talk through your answers with a partner. Feel free to change your answers as necessary.

Once you have discussed all of the questions, please read the November 10-12 entry of the book. It's only about 4 pages long, so it shouldn't take you too much time! Answer the questions on this DOCUMENT as/after you read. Feel free to complete the reading and questions with a partner.

Please be ready to discuss your answers with the class tomorrow!

Day 72!

Today will be a sort of "catch up" day so that we can work to get everyone back in the same place.

You will have the period to read up to November 10-12 in Black Like Me. Once you have finished reading, please fill out these questions for discussion. Click HERE to access them!